Graham Torr Appointed Asterion Director of Technical Services

INDIANAPOLIS, September 13, 2018 – Graham Torr has been appointed Director of Technical Services by Asterion, LLC. Mr. Torr is responsible for the direction of the Asterion technical services team, including the company’s advanced analytical laboratory, customer product training, application support and installation of Asterion® pretreatment, plating and powder coatings processes.

Mr. Torr possesses a wealth of surface finishing manufacturing and chemical expertise that spans from job shop management to specialty chemicals sales and service. Prior to joining Asterion, Mr. Torr was the U.S. national sales manager for a global provider of decorative, functional, and specialty coatings. His prior roles with the company encompassed general direction of the surface finishing technical service team, as well as product research, development, and marketing. Mr. Torr also served as a plant manager for two plating facilities, where he was responsible for operational excellence, quality assurance, plating and buffing/polishing operations, and environmental compliance.

Blair Vandivier, President and CEO of Asterion said, “Graham is an industry veteran that is respected by customers and competitors alike. His unique combination of job shop, specialty chemical, technical and sales experience will provide unrivaled value to Asterion customers.”

Mr. Torr is an active member of the NASF and previously served as a director of the Southwest Michigan NASF branch. A Certified Electroplater Finisher – 2 (CEF-2), Mr. Torr has earned multiple AESF certifications in courses ranging from electrochemistry to electrofinishing metallurgy.