Asterion Introduces TECHNIBRITE™ SN 200 Bright Tin Plating System

INDIANAPOLIS, August 10, 2020 – TECHNIBRITE™ SN 200 tin plating system has been introduced by Asterion, LLC. Delivering exceptional solderability, the system is ideally suited for both barrel and rack applications to impart lustrous, bright tin deposits. Unlike conventional acid tin processes, TECHNIBRITE SN 200 requires only two proprietary chemical processes. Easy to use and analyze, system components include: TECHNIBRITE SN 200 Make Up provides the proper concentration of wetter, coupler, ductilizers, and low current density brightener. Stannous Tin (used in make-up) provides … [Read more...]

Why You Should Include Tin in Your Finishes Portfolio

Are you looking to expand the surface finishing options you offer clients? Are you prospecting for new clients? When choosing to expand your plating processes what factors come to mind? Cost? Market for process? Robust system? Application? Waste? Please allow me to introduce to you TECHNIBRITE™ SN 200 bright acid tin plating system! The TECHNIBRITE SN 200 system is a terrific addition to broaden your plating capabilities. The system produces exceptional brightness and leveling while maintaining exceptional solderability. Why Tin? Tin plating is used for several key … [Read more...]