How is Asterion handling GHS?

Asterion has completed the conversion from the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to the GHS compliant Safety Data Sheet (SDS). We are currently distributing the SDS to customers. A SDS was sent for any products purchased after January 1, 2014. This time frame was based on the standard expiration, of one year, for Asterion products.

Those that have requested the SDS in hard copy format, they were mailed on April 24. Those that requested the e-mail format, should have received those SDS between April 23 and April 28.

Asterion has made the conversion to the use of the new label format. You will start to see some products with the new label format. You may see some products with the old label format as we work through our existing inventory. All products will have updated labeling as of June 1, 2015 per the OSHA compliance deadline.

If you have any questions about Asterion’s conversion to the GHS standard please feel free to contact us via our website, customer service or your local sales representative.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should all chemical suppliers have the GHS compliant SDS and labels?

All chemical manufacturers, distributors and importers should be providing and SDS and GHS compliant label for any material shipped after June 1, 2015.

Does this mean in plant labeling will have to be GHS compliant on June 1, 2015?

No, you will have until June 1, 2016 to update your in plant labeling system to reflect the GHS requirements.

Will the HMIS information still be on your labels?

No, Asterion has chosen to remove the HMIS labeling information that was previously listed on our labels. GHS has a hazard numbering system that is opposite of HMIS. We have chosen to take this off of our labels to eliminate confusion.

Will this change effect the DOT information?

Yes and No. GHS is an OSHA regulation with a focus on improving hazard communication to the end user and does not regulate the determinations for DOT descriptions. GHS did require a review of every product manufactured so, we did revise some of the DOT descriptions for our products.

Can I have a SDS for products purchased before January 1, 2014?

If the product is active in our product catalog the SDS will be distributed on a per request basis.

Will Asterion send me GHS compliant labels for the products I currently have on my shelves?

No, Asterion will not be distributing labels for products in inventory or for any other purposes.