Wastewater Treatment

Check out our complete line of waste water treatment polymer products including: Anionic, Cationic or polymers to polish the final effluent.

Cationic Polymers – Liquid cationic polymers are economical and efficient high performance products which  work on the most difficult waste streams.  These products assist in the full treatment of cleaners and emulsified influent waste streams.  They are designed to reduce the risk of overuse.

Final Effluent Polish – Our  full line of cost effective, efficient and high performance polishing products.  These products assist in the removal of trace amounts of metallic impurities prior to final discharge.  They are environmentally safe products for the final treatment of waste streams

Anionic Polymers – Asterion offers a full line of extremely cost effective anionic polymers.  The products are available in liquid or powdered form and are effective at low ppm levels to meet the most stringent compliance limits.

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