We offer a wide range of surface finishing products.

Acid Salts and Additives

These products re available in a wide range of formulations to improve the performance of acid pickle operations.  Dry acid salts and dry acid salt additives offer accelerated oxide removal at lower costs.  Acid additives provide improved operations and extended life to acid pickling processes.

Asterion acid salts and additives are easily controlled to offer long life, reduced operating concentrations and lower operating temperatures.  These features combine to ensure economic and efficient operation.

Dry Acid Salts

Dry acid salts promote the activation of brazed and welded areas on steel parts.  Built in wetters assist other components in the formulas to accelerate oxide removal. An additive of a concentrated blend of salts and surfactants in a free flowing granular form is also available to be used with Sodium Bi-sulfate or Sulfuric Acid to prepare an electrolytic acid pickle solution. The built in wetters accelerate oxide removal. This product is less expensive to prepare and maintain than comparable dry acid salts to further reduce operating costs.

Acid Additives

These additives contain a combination of highly effective, acid resistant emulsifiers, wetting agents and dispersants to degrease parts.  These formulations enhance pickling, de-rusting and scale removal while reducing metal loss.  Formulations are non toxic and non flammable.  A new generation of acid inhibitors is available which does not form a continuous film and protects the metal by absorption to specific corrosion sites.  These products are formulated to work effectively with hydrochloric or sulfuric acid pickle operations.

These acid additives extend the acid life and improve heavy scale removal. A combination product is available with fume suppressants and wetting agents to protect the base metal from sulfuric acid, extend the useful life of the pickling solution and reduce fumes and heat loss.  This product effectively eliminates the use of up to two other products.  All Asterion Acid Additives reduce smut while assisting in the removal of dirt rust.  Asterion acid additives are easily controlled to offer long life, reduced operating concentrations and lower operating temperatures.  These features combine to ensure economic and efficient operation. Some formulations will extend the life of the acid pickle tank.

Auxiliary Products

Defoamers – We offer a full line of defoamers for water treatment and finishing processes.  Available as silicated and petroleum based, these work horse products are available in concentrated form.  GRAS certified products are available where the defoamer will be used in a land application or as a feed stock.

Corrosion Inhibitors – Our full line includes: oil, oil emulsion, wax, water soluble lacquer and water soluble top coats.

Metal StrippersNickel, Copper and Tin Strippers for every application

Benchsorb 100Powdered Activated Carbon on a Cellulose Fiber

Blackening Processes

Both room temperature and traditional black oxide processes are available from Asterion. All provide the economy and high performance operation expected from Asterion Products.

Black Oxide Coatings -Asterion offers hot black oxide processes for ferrous substrates which provide an adherent, dense black oxide coating. The process produces a uniform deep black finish and provides superior performance over a wide variety of stampings, forgings and castings. Post process, the finish accepts a range of oils for a deep matte to shining gloss finish.

Copper Blackening Process – Asterion offers an outstanding copper blackening process providing a deep black to brown finish. The result may be relieved to produce a bronze appearance. It is economical and efficient to operate and may be applied over a variety of copper alloys, brass or copper electroplate. The mildly adherent finish is perfect for post finish relief with oil, or hard organic top coats.

Steel Blackening -Asterion offers a room temperature blackening process which produces a deep, dark coating for ferrous substrates.  The deposit is very adherent and requires very little maintenance.  Superior bath life, combined with low ambient temperature operation yields high efficiency and great economy.  This process is an excellent choice when a hot black oxide is not required.  The deposit readily accepts oils, top coats and lacquers for a final finish.

Chromates and Passivates

Asterion offers a full line of field proven chromates and passivates from clear blue bright to deep dark black.  The entire line of Asterion chromate and trivalent technology provides repeatable finishes over both alkaline and acid zinc deposits.  From high performance trivalents, to traditional hexavalent technology, Asterion provides field tested, proven, reliable, efficient and economical choices.

Trivalent Blue Bright -Rich Blue Bright

Trivalent Black – Deep rich black appearance from a trivalent product

Non Chrome Black -Black finishes without chrome of any kind

Specialty Conversion Coatings

Post Chromate Seals -Seals which expand the corrosion resistance of passivates

High Corrosion Protection Trivalent -Thick Film Coatings with excellent corrosion resistance

Trivalent Yellow – Stable, efficient and economical performance

Hexavalent Chromates – Traditional hexavalent chromates for zinc, aluminum and cadmium

Chrome Electroplating Additives

Asterion’s Chrome Electroplating Additives are available as a fluoride catalyst to activate bright nickel deposits and fume suppressants to reduce fumes from chrome electroplating baths by reducing surface tension.  Both the flouride catalyst and the fume suppressant utilize state of the art technology to enhance both decorative and hard chrome electroplating.

Fume Suppressants

Asterion fume suppressants provide a stable foam blanket which reduces misting.  Surface tensions below 29 dynes are easily obtained.  Asterion fume suppressants do not contain any perfluorinated octane sulfonates (PFOS).  The fundamental chemistry in Asterion fume suppressants is PFOS free.  Users report a high degree of satisfaction from this latest evolution in fume suppressant chemistry.  The chrome deposit is not affected by the fume suppressant and a bright lustrous finish is the result.  Hard Chrome Platers do not report any pitting or other negative attributes from the use of Asterion’s latest fume suppressant.  Usage does increase at chrome concentrations above 40 oz/gal.  Additions of Asterion’s fume suppressant are made on the basis of surface tension testing

Fluoride Catalyst

Asterion’s fluoride catalyst is used in decorative chrome electroplating to produce a bright, trouble free, nickel activating, stain free deposit on bright nickel deposits.  Available in both powder and liquid form, Asterion fluoride catalysts provide higher cathode efficiencies and current densities.  Additions are made on the basis of chrome additions.

Cleaners-Electrocleaners Ferrous and Zinc

All Asterion cleaner technologies are available in liquid or powdered form and incorporate the latest developments in parts cleaning. Liquid products offer the safety and convenience of using a fully blended product which is capable of feeder pump addition.  Powdered products utilize efficient binding systems which offer efficiency in certain circumstances.  Asterion cleaners are easily controlled to offer long life, reduced operating concentrations and lower operating temperatures.  These features combine to ensure economic and efficient operation.

Electrocleaners Ferrous

Asterion electrocleaners for ferrous metals are specially formulated to remove the oil, drawing and buffing compounds from steel substrates.  These field tested products are specially formulated to reduce energy costs while tolerating metallic impurities.  Completely free rinsing, Asterion electrocleaners provide a smut free surface to steel.  Mild as well as heavy duty formulations are available.  Optimum conductivity is available when extra scrubbing power is needed.  Asterion electrocleaners operate over a wide range of current densities and operating temperatures.  Flexible formulations include phosphate free options.

Electrocleaners Zinc

Electrocleaners for zinc die cast operations are phosphate free alkaline formulations.  These products allow the activation of zinc die castings using anodic current.  Gentle cleaning is provided with a high tolerance for pre soak contamination.  A wide range of applications allows these products to be used on copper and brass substrates.

Cleaners-Immersion Soak (Ferrous)

Asterion cleaners are the foundation of any finishing process.  Whatever the soil load, Asterion has an immersion cleaner to remove the soil while protecting the underlying ferrous metal product.  Die lubricants, buffing compounds, in process rust preventative and other shop soils all meet their match when they encounter an Asterion immersion cleaner.  Emulsifying systems, oil separating systems and the economy of additive systems are all available for ferrous metal operations.  Asterion immersion soak cleaners for ferrous metals are available in both liquid and powder products.

Emulsifying Cleaners Asterion emulsifying cleaners provide excellent detergency to remove the most complex of manufacturing soils.  A high technology surfactant package completely emulsifies the removed soils.

Oil Separating Cleaners Asterion oil separating cleaners provide excellent detergency for high performance cleaning of the most complex of manufacturing soils.  The oils which are removed are captured and “split out” for removal to extend cleaner life.

Additive Systems Asterion additive package cleaners offer a highly concentrated package of surfactants and detergents to provide the economy of adding customer provided alkalinity with the key building blocks of Asterion’s high technology cleaners.  Packages are available to function with Sodium or Potassium Hydroxide.  All provide excellent detergency to remove the most complex of manufacturing soils.   As is found in fully blended Asterion cleaners, these products are able to easily be controlled so that operating parameters can be maintained.

All Asterion cleaner technologies incorporate the latest developments in parts cleaning.  All Asterion cleaners are easily controlled to offer long life, reduced operating concentrations and lower operating temperatures.  These features combine to ensure economic and efficient operation.

Cleaners-Immersion Soak (Non Ferrous)

Asterion offers a full line of high performance and efficient immersion or soak cleaners for aluminum, copper brass and zinc die cast.  Designed to remove a wide range of soils from buffing compounds to mild shop soils, these work horse cleaners function on even the toughest soils without damaging the underlying substrate.  These Asterion immersion soak cleaners are also available in liquid or powder form.

These Asterion immersion soak cleaners are also available in liquid or powder form.

Aluminum Soak Cleaners

Asterion offers Aluminum Soak Cleaners for removing buffing compounds and shop oils.  These products function at mild temperatures and are efficient even at low concentrations.  They will not cause drying stains and are manufactured using biodegradable surfactants.

Copper and Brass Cleaners

Asterion copper and brass soak cleaners are formulated to remove a multitude of soils from the toughest dried on buffing compounds to mild shop soils.  Designed to be used as a primary or secondary cleaner, these products offer high performance with low operating costs.  Asterion copper and brass cleaners contain inhibitors for mild cleaning without etching the surface.  Non scumming, these products offer long solution life for increased efficiency.  A buffered formulation is available which does not require pH adjustment.

Zinc Soak Cleaners

Asterion offers zinc soak cleaners which will remove the toughest soils without attacking the zinc substrate.  Mild cleaning without scumming is the hallmark of these efficient high performance products.  They may be used with or without ultrasonics to improve cleaning and extend solution life.  The zinc soak cleaners will not over activate castings on longer cleaning cycles.  They will easily wet out in secondary soak or electrocleaners.


In process spray cleaners from Asterion are available for every job. All Asterion spray cleaners are low foaming, high performance products.  They are offered in either liquid or powder form.  Low operating concentrations promote efficient and economical operation.  These spray cleaners can handle heavy duty needs as well as simple spray operations.  They are available with and without a rust preventative for in process protection.  Heavy duty spray cleaners can even perform as paint strippers.

Whatever the need, whatever the soil and whatever the operating conditions, Asterion spray cleaners are available to meet the toughest demands.

Asterion spray cleaners are available in liquid or powdered form and incorporate the latest developments in parts cleaning technology. Liquid products offer the safety and convenience of using a fully blended product which is capable of feeder pump addition.  Powdered products utilize efficient binding systems which offer efficiencies in certain circumstances.  Asterion cleaners are easily controlled to offer long life, reduced operating concentrations and lower operating temperatures.  These features combine to ensure economic and efficient operation.

Asterion alkaline spray cleaners

These products are formulated to operate at low temperatures to remove shop and process soils.  By using high technology materials these products work at lower concentrations and temperatures than traditional spray cleaners.  In addition, they are low foaming.  All of these features combine for products that are efficient, productive and easy to use.

Asterion alkaline spray cleaners with  rust preventatives.  

These products are formulated to not only remove the toughest shop soils but also provide up to 8 weeks of in house rust prevention.  Incorporating the rust prevention abilities with the excellent performance of Asterion alkaline cleaners makes this product line an excellent choice for process cleaning lines!

Heavy Duty Alkaline (Ferrous) Asterion heavy duty alkaline spray cleaners are formulated to remove the toughest shop soils, rust buildup and heavy oxide scales.  Asterion heavy duty spray cleaners also remove paint and are excellent paint strippers. These work horse products are excellent in re-manufacturing operations.

Aluminum Spray Cleaners Asterion alkaline spray cleaners for aluminum are specially formulated to remove the toughest of dried on buffing compounds or the mildest of soils without etching the aluminum substrate.  Low in alkalinity all of these Asterion aluminum soak cleaners have a high soil tolerance and operate over a wide range of temperatures.  Low concentrations provide efficiency.  No foaming to low foaming formulas function at a variety of operating pressures.

Copper Electroplating Brightener Systems

Acid Copper for printing cylinders

Asterion offers acid copper formulations designed for producing excellent results on printing cylinders.  These ultra high performance dye free addition agents produce stable hardness from 200 Vickers.  As with all of the Asterion acid copper brighteners, they are free of tricyclic derivatives or dyes.  Brightness and leveling are excellent across the entire range of current densities. For air agitation applications, only one component is needed to maintain the performance of the plating bath.

Cyanide Copper Electroplating Additives

Asterion offers a full line of excellent, high performance additives for use in copper cyanide electroplating processes.  These products include an excellent cyanide copper brightener to produce bright or fine grained cyanide copper.  A full line of support products enhances the performance of  the cyanide brightener, including rochelle type anode corroder and grain refiner, as well as addition agents to sequester chrome contamination.

Acid Copper Strike

Asterion offers a high performance acid copper strike for both plastic and metal substrates.  These systems provide ultra high performance results without the use of tricyclic derivatives or dyes in the formulation.  Brightness and leveling are excellent across the range of current densities.  These one component systems are field tested to produce efficient and productive results.

Electroless Nickel Processes

Asterion offers a wide range of economical and efficient electroless nickel processes.  From traditional lead and cadmium containing deposits to the modern ROHS compliant systems without lead or cadmium, Asterion has a full range of EN processes.  In addition, Asterion offers systems that enhance lubricity and hardness.  All of the Asterion electroless nickel processes are formulated to be used with liquid nickel sulfate at either 100 g/l or 133 g/l.

Traditional lead and cadmium containing electroless nickel systems are available in low phosphorous (1% to 3%), mid phosphorous (7% to 9%) and high phosphorous (10.5% to 12%).

A PTFE additive is available to be used with both the mid and high phosphorous systems to impart very low friction values

Low Phosphorous Traditional Non ROHS EN  – Traditional work horse non ROHS low phosphorous EN

High Phosphorous Traditional Non ROHS EN – Traditional High Phosphorous work horse EN system

Mid Phosphorous Traditional Non ROHS EN – Traditional non ROHS compliant mid phosphorous electroless nickel systems

Alkaline Electroless Nickel – Alkaline Strike Electroless Nickel Processes

Alkaline Electroless Nickel Plating Process – Excellent Alkaline based Electroless Nickel Plating Process

PTFE Mid Phosphorous Deposit (Non ROHS) – Extremely lubricious PTFE Mid Phosphorous Deposit (Non ROHS)

Low Phosphorous Boron Nitrite (Non ROHS) – Low Phosphorous Electroless Nickel Process incorporating Boron Nitrite (non ROHS)

Hard As Plated EN Deposit (Non ROHS) – 3%-6% Hard as plated EN

Mid Phosphorous Electroless Nickel (ROHS Compliant – Mid Phosphorous Electroless Nickel System ROHS Compliant

High Phosphorous Electroless Nickel ROHS Compliant – High Phosphorous Electroless Nickel System ROHS Compliant

Nickel Electroplating Brightener Systems

Asterion’s line of high performance, cost effective electrolytic nickel systems includes high leveling, bright nickel based upon index and pyridine chemistries.  Asterion’s expertise in both allows it to offer the high performance of pyridine which offers extremely bright high current density performance, as well as the index systems which perform well across a wide range of current density.  Asterion even offers “hybrid” or low index systems which provide the best of both systems.

Asterion includes its environmentally friendly non chlorahydrate, non coumarin and non formaldehyde semi bright processes in its arsenal.  These systems can even be fine tuned to offer a bright non saccharin deposit.  The Asterion electrolytic nickel systems offer superior performance in both rack and barrel plating operations.

Electrolytic Bright Nickel Systems-Index – State of the art, fully blended bright nickel systems

Particle or high solids nickel brightener – Particle, micro porous or high solids nickel systems can provide enhanced corrosion protection when used with duplex systems

Support Additives – Support additives for special circumstances

Semi Bright Nickel Brightener – Exceptional corrosion protection when combined with duplex or triplex nickel deposits

Pyridine Nickel Systems – Pyridine based nickel systems to produce high leveling, bright and fast deposits

Hybrid, low index nickel brightener systems – Low index high performance brighteners


Asterion offers iron, manganese and zinc phosphates for every application whether it is a spray wand, a three stage or five stage washer system.  Products perform essential functions prior to paint, powder coating or adhesive bonding.  Variable coating weights are produced for specific applications.

Immersion or Spray Iron Phosphate

Whether the end use is paint, powder coating or adhesive application, Asterion iron phosphates provide an amorphous, non metallic iron phosphate coating.  The coating contains no molybdenum and may be applied in spray wand, single or multiple stages.  Multi-base metals may be processed by a single product. The products are easily treated in waste treatment applications.

In addition, a concentrated detergent additive is available to improve the cleaning ability and life of iron phosphate alkaline cleaners.  This additive reduces cleaning time and temperature.  It is free rinsing and controls foam.  Scale build up is also reduced. A non chrome seal specifically formulated for iron phosphate spray systems completes the Asterion offering.  This seal provides excellent paint adhesion and additional corrosion protection without the need for chrome.

Heavy Manganese Phosphate

Asterion offers a dense, fine grained heavy Manganese Phosphate coating to provide a superior deposit for break-in barrier coating for mating parts in final assemblies.  The Asterion process provides excellent corrosion resistance for long term storage of both oiled and non oiled parts.  The highly developed product produces excellent uniform coverage over difficult to process heat treated and welded parts.

Zinc Phosphate

Asterion offers a highly functional zinc phosphate system with built in accelerators and stabilizers which deposit a very fine grained zinc phosphate coating on ferrous surfaces.  The coating inhibits corrosion and increases the adhesion and durability of subsequent finishes.

Heavy Zinc Phosphate Heavy coating weights may be produced which comply with DOD-P-16232.  The macrocrystalline structure provides superior protection with or without oil preservative coatings.  This process produces an excellent base for PVC coating of phosphated components.  The tight macrocrystal structure provides a superior break-in barrier for mating parts in assembled components. The macro crystalline structure provides superior oil preservative retention over the entire part.

Micro Crystalline Zinc Phosphate This Asterion process is available to produce a variety of coating weights suitable for paint adhesion (TTC-490), e-coat, paint or rubber bonding.  Accelerated, or calcium modified coatings provide a tight microcrystalline structure.  The process is available in either spray or immersion applications.   A dense microcrystal deposit provides the needed corrosion protection for extended transfer time prior to final paint or rubber/adhesive bond coat.

Phosphate Seals

Asterion offers both a chromic acid and non chromic acid seal for phosphate conversion coatings.

  • The chromic-phosphoric acid seal is formulated to be applied in the final rinse stage of a phosphate conversion coating.  It is recommended for use in zinc, magnesium and iron phosphate processes to provide corrosion resistance as well as adhesion between the metal substrate and the subsequent finish.
  • The non chrome seal is formulated for iron phosphate spray systems.  It provides excellent paint adhesion and additional corrosion protection without the need for chrome.

Tin Electroplating Processes

Asterion offers both bright acid tin and matte tin finishes.  Both offer the reliability, economy and ease of use provided by all Asterion products

Bright Acid Tin

Asterion offers bright acid tin processes that provide brilliant, dense, highly leveled, bright deposits.  The brightener system is stable upon standing.  The system produces a bright deposit over a wide range of current densities.  Temperature variation is not problematic as the process operates over a wide range of temperatures.  Likewise, metal concentration ranges are very wide.  The process is easy to control with the brightener added on an amp hour consumption basis.

Exceptional Bright Acid Tin

Asterion offers an exceptional bright acid tin process which provides uniform brightness in an easy to use two component system.  The brightener system is stable and effective over a wide range of operating conditions.  The system performs well in both rack and barrel operations.  The Asterion Bright Acid Tin Process features rapid plating rates with superior low current density performance.  The deposit provides excellent solderability and reflow.

Matte Acid Tin

Asterion offers a high performance matte acid tin process which produces a highly uniform and pearlescent deposit.  The single component system is economical and easy to use.  A rapid plating rate produces uniform results over a wide range of current densities.  The brightener allows many substrates to be processed in the same bath.  The same process may be used in both rack and barrel operations with similar results.  The deposit exhibits superior solderability and may be re-flowed into a bright finish.

Tungsten Nickel Boron Electroplating System

Asterion offers its patented Tungsten/Nickel/Boron (“TNB”) coating.  TNB produces a very tough corrosion resistant amorphous deposit.

Waste Water Treatment

Check out our complete line of waste water treatment polymer products including: Anionic, Cationic or polymers to polish the final effluent.

Cationic Polymers

Liquid cationic polymers are economical and efficient high performance products which  work on the most difficult waste streams.  These products assist in the full treatment of cleaners and emulsified influent waste streams.  They are designed to reduce the risk of overuse.

Final Effluent Polish

Our  full line of cost effective, efficient and high performance polishing products.  These products assist in the removal of trace amounts of metallic impurities prior to final discharge.  They are environmentally safe products for the final treatment of waste streams

Anionic Polymers

Asterion offers a full line of extremely cost effective anionic polymers.  The products are available in liquid or powdered form and are effective at low ppm levels to meet the most stringent compliance limits.

Zinc Alloy Electroplating Brightener Systems

Asterion offers a full line of high technology, high performance zinc alloy plating systems, including both Acid and Alkaline Zinc/Nickel, Alkaline Zinc/Iron, Alkaline Zinc/Cobalt and Tungsten/Nickel/Boron.

Alkaline Zinc Cobalt Electroplating Systems – Alkaline Zinc Cobalt

Acid Zinc/Nickel – High Performance 8% to 15% Nickel Deposit

Alkaline Zinc Nickel Electroplating System – High Efficiency Alkaline Zinc Nickel 12% to 15% Nickel in Deposit

Alkaline Zinc Iron Electroplating System -Alkaline Zinc Iron

Zinc Electroplating Brightener Systems

Asterion offers a full line of zinc electroplating additives — from alkaline non cyanide and cyanide to acid zinc and mixed acid zinc baths to zinc alloys, Asterion has a zinc brightener system to meet every need.  All are formulated with efficiency and economy in mind.  In addition, Asterion provides a full “tool kit” of specialty products to maintain the zinc electroplating system.

Alkaline Non Cyanide Systems – High Technololgy State of the Art Alkaline Non Cyanide Systems

Cyanide Zinc Brightener Systems -Efficient, traditional cyanide zinc brightener system

Acid Zinc Plating Systems – Both ammonium and mixed ammonium/potassium zinc plating systems

Zinc Cobalt Chloride Systems

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