Chrome Electroplating Additives – Our Chrome Electroplating Additives, both floride catalyst and fume suppressant, enhance  both decorative and hard chrome electroplating.  Both are available as a fluoride catalyst to activate bright nickel deposits and fume suppressants to reduce fumes from chrome electroplating baths by reducing surface tension. Read more about chrome electroplating additives.

Electroless Nickel Processes – Asterion offers a wide range of economical and efficient electroless nickel processes.  From traditional lead and cadmium containing deposits to the modern ROHS compliant systems without lead or cadmium, Asterion has a full range of EN processes.  In addition, Asterion offers systems that enhance lubricity and hardness.  All of the Asterion electroless nickel processes are formulated to be used with liquid nickel sulfate at either 100 g/l or 133 g/l. Read more about electroless nickel processes.

Nickel Electroplating Brightener Systems – Asterion’s line of high performance, cost effective electrolytic nickel systems includes high leveling, bright nickel based upon index and pyridine chemistries.  We also offer environmentally friendly non chlorahydrate, non coumarin and non formaldehyde semi-bright processes. These systems can even be fine tuned to offer a bright non saccharin deposit. The Asterion electrolytic nickel systems offer superior performance in both rack and barrel plating operations. Read more about nickel electroplating brightener systems.

Copper Electroplating Brightener Systems – We offer Acid Copper for printing cylinders, additives for use in copper cyanide electroplating processes high performance acid copper strike for both plastic and metal substrates. Read more about copper electroplating brightener systems.

Tin Electroplating Processes – Asterion offers both bright acid tin and matte tin finishes.  Both offer the reliability, economy and ease of use provided by all Asterion products. Read more about tin electroplating processes.

Tungsten Nickel Boron Electroplating Systems – Asterion’s  patented Tungsten/Nickel/Boron Electroplating system (“TNB”) produces a highly corrosion resistant amorphous deposit. Read more about nickel boron electroplating systems.

Zinc Alloy Electroplating Brightener Systems – Asterion offers a full line of high technology, high performance zinc alloy plating systems, including both Acid and Alkaline Zinc/Nickel, Alkaline Zinc/Iron, Alkaline Zinc/Cobalt and Tungsten/Nickel/Boron. Read more.

Zinc Electroplating Brightener Systems – Asterion offers a full line of zinc electroplating additives–from alkaline non cyanide and cyanide to acid zinc and mixed acid zinc baths to zinc alloys, Asterion has a zinc brightener system to meet every need.  All are formulated with efficiency and economy in mind.  In addition, Asterion provides a full “tool kit” of specialty products to maintain the zinc electroplating system. Read more.

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