About Us

Asterion, LLC. is a surface technology company that provides high performance plating processes, pretreatment chemistry, and powder coatings to the surface finishing industry. We also distribute traditional and custom blended chemistry for a variety of uses, including pollution control and preventative applications. Asterion technologies are trusted by leading finishers to manufacture high quality automotive components, consumer appliances, industrial tools, as well as a diversity of other items to extend product life, improve performance and create value. We are focused on delivering solutions and support that enable customers to grow their business and bottom line.

Asterion was formed in January, 2010 by New Surface Technologies, LLC of Cleveland, Ohio and Benchmark Products, Inc. of Indianapolis, Indiana. New Surface Technologies brings a wealth of zinc and conversion coating experience while the Benchmark Team brings strength in pre treatment, decorative and functional coatings to the relationship. By closely collaborating with our customers and partners, Asterion brings over 35 years of applications expertise and enabling technologies to the surface industry industry.

An ISO-9000 company, Asterion is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, centrally located to the United States surface finishing industry.