Chromates and Passivates

Trivalent Blue Bright – For the richest blue bright color in a trivalent passivate, Asterion offers a wide range of products which provide economical, efficient and simple operation.  The products consistently protect without a seal from 24 to 96 hours to red rust. These blue bright trivalent passivates are easy to use at low operating concentrations.  In addition, Asterion trivalent blue bright passivates have no chelators to interefere with waste treatment operations.

Trivalent Black – These products deliver a rich black colorfast appearance which is difficult for competitive products to match.  The excellent color fast properties provide production neutral salt spray results in excess of 96 hours when used with a seal.  A variety of seals are available to meet specific drying requirements.  The production bath retains its rich black performance even when the bath is taken our service.  This latest generation of trivalent black not only provides a superior finish, but it is easy and economical to use.

Non Chrome Black – Asterion non chrome technology delivers a rich black finish without using any chrome, either hexavalent or trivalent.  The same rich color is available with a stable, easy to use non chrome product.

Specialty Conversion Coatings

Post Chromate Seals – Asterion has developed a full line of non chrome post treatment seals for expanding the durabiltiy and corrosion resistance of trivalent and non chrome passivates.  These products allow trivalent coatings to meet the corrosion resistance offered by traditional hexavalent chromates.  Available in organic, non organic and nanoparticle formulations, these seals are economical and efficient to use.  All are easily controlled through basic chemical analysis.

High Corrosion Protection Trivalent – Asterion has developed a response to the growing demand for trivalent passivates which compete with the corrosion protection of traditional hexavalent chromates.  This latest generation of trivalent technology provides a thick passivate film to meet or exceed industry standards without the need for a top coat.  Neutral salt spray results of 120 hours to red rust are consistent in production settings.  Cost effective and economical to use, these products perform at lower operating concentrations and lower temperatures than competitive products.

All of these features combine to provide an efficient, simple to use and economical product.  Stability allows for long bath life to further enhance the economy of these products. In response to the concern over the use of cobalt in trivalent coatings, Asterion offers cobalt free formulations with excellent performance and efficiency.

Trivalent Yellow – Asterion trivalent yellow passivates provide conistent, cost effective performance.  Production settings provide 120 hours to red rust in neutral salt spray testing.  Single or double dip operations are easy to use.  The bath is stable to operate and the coating is colorfast and provides excellent UV stabity.  The yellow color produced is comparable to a hexavalent yellow coating.  Asterion trivalent yellow passivates are extreemly easy to regulate.

Hexavalent Chromates – Traditional hexavalent chromates are used over zinc, cadmium and aluminum.  From clear, blue bright, to yellow to olive drab to bronze and black, Asterion hexavalent chromates are available in just about any color.  High performance finishes which meet or exceed industry specifications all are easy and economical to use and operate.  From the most economical, basic hexavalent chromate to high performance chromates, Asterion’s full line of hexavalent chromates meet every need.

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