Blackening Processes

Both room temperature and traditional black oxide processes are available from Asterion. Our blackening processes provide the economy and high performance operation expected from Asterion Products.

Black Oxide Coatings – Our hot black oxide processes for ferrous substrates provide an adherent, dense black oxide coating. The process produces a uniform deep black finish and provides superior performance over a wide variety of stampings, forgings and castings. Post process, the finish accepts a range of oils for a deep matte to shining gloss finish.

Copper Blackening Process – Asterion offers an outstanding copper blackening process providing a deep black to brown finish. The result may be relieved to produce a bronze appearance. It is economical and efficient to operate and may be applied over a variety of copper alloys, brass or copper electroplate. The mildly adherent finish is perfect for post finish relief with oil, or hard organic top coats.

Steel Blackening – The  room temperature blackening process produces a deep, dark coating for ferrous substrates.  The deposit is very adherent and requires very little maintenance.  Superior bath life, combined with low ambient temperature operation yields high efficiency and great economy.  This process is an excellent choice when a hot black oxide is not required.  The deposit readily accepts oils, top coats and lacquers for a final finish.

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