Asterion New Sample Submission Process Delivers Enhanced Customer Experience

INDIANAPOLIS, September 19, 2016 – Asterion, LLC announced today the launch of a sample analysis submission process for the company’s proprietary plating and pretreatment chemistries. Designed to ensure ease-of-use and quick customer response, the submission process meets growing customer requirements to optimize plating line efficiency and productivity at a low cost of ownership.

Customers may submit up to ten sample requests per submission. Every sample is assigned an identifier number for testing at Asterion’s advanced analytical laboratory.  Furthermore, free sample submission kits are offered to customers. The kits include all required packing materials and shipping documentation that are specifically designed to meet regulatory requirements. The new process expedites sample analysis response time, while assisting Asterion customers to meet mandated shipping requirements.

Staffed by the company’s highly trained team of R&D chemists and technical services engineers, the Asterion advanced analytical laboratory has witnessed a significant increase in sample requests over the last year that include expert analysis, summary test reports and best practice recommendations on the make-up and operation of Asterion chemical processes.

The Asterion analytical laboratory performs a range of chemical analysis that complies with industry standards and government regulations.  Testing includes chemical composition and trace analysis to determine composition, impurities and overall chemical quality for a diversity of applications. The laboratory also houses instrumentation to quickly identify and resolve contamination issues, determine sample make-up and provide metal substrate testing and analysis.

Blair Vandivier, President and CEO of Asterion said, “The new sample submission process further addresses our customers’ increasing and often more sophisticated analytical testing requests to ensure all processes are operating at optimum capacity and performance. We are immediately witnessing the value created for our customers by offering this easy-to-use submission process. Asterion remains committed to continually optimizing sample analysis and submission procedures, as we diligently adapt to the challenges of the market.”