White Paper Details How Water Selection Impacts the Plating Process

INDIANAPOLIS, October 17, 2016 – Asterion, LLC has published the white paper, “Water and the Plating Process.” Authored by Asterion Technical Sales Engineer, Jake Fisher, the paper details how water plays an integral and critical role in the plating process.


Specifically, the paper offers guidance on the selection and use of three types of water: hard, soft and purified. The document details how each interacts in distinct and important ways when used in a rinse tank or process solution. The impact of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) contained within each water type, as well as cost implications is also reviewed.

Roger Sowinski, Asterion’s Vice President Technology said, “Understanding the advantages and limitations of each water type significantly contributes towards optimizing performance of the entire plating line. The white paper has proven to be a highly coveted and requested resource by our valued customers and supplier partners.”

To download a copy of the paper click here or contact answers@asterionstc.net.