TECHNIPLATE™ E-NIC 1200 High Speed, High Phosphorous EN Introduced

INDIANAPOLIS, November 29, 2016 – TECHNIPLATE™ E-NIC 1200 high speed, high phosphorous electroless nickel process has been introduced by Asterion, LLC. Providing exceptional corrosion and wear resistance, the process imparts a semi-bright deposit that is RoHS compliant and meets the stringent requirements of the ELV and WEE directives.

Customer parts plated with TECHNIPLATE E-NIC 1200 electroless nickel process.

Customer parts plated with TECHNIPLATE E-NIC 1200 electroless nickel process.

TECHNIPLATE E-NIC 1200 is production-proven to achieve up to 10% higher throughput versus other conventional electroless nickel processes. The pH self-regulating process affords multiple metal turnovers and may be employed for both rack and barrel applications. Engineered to plate complex part geometries, TECHNIPLATE E-NIC 1200 offers consistent deposit properties without the use of costly electrodialysis equipment or inefficient bleed and feed techniques.

TECHNIPLATE E-NIC 1200 coatings deliver exceptional corrosion resistance on aluminum, steel and other ferrous substrates, making the electroless nickel ideally suited for  oil and gas applications such as valves, pump rotors and subsea assemblies. The process is also well suited for automotive powertrain applications including drive shafts, as well as engine, fuel and transmission systems. TECHNIPLATE E-NIC 1200 provides reliable compressive stress and stable deposits that meet the harsh environmental conditions and quality demands of both markets.

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