Asterion® Ultra™ Alkaline Zinc Systems Reduce Rejects, Increase Productivity

Parts plated with the Asterion Ultra Zinc System

INDIANAPOLIS, March 12, 2017 – Asterion® Ultra™ alkaline zinc systems have been introduced by Asterion, LLC. Providing the ultimate in corrosion protection, the RoHS compliant systems are engineered to reduce rejects, increase productivity, and enhance appearance.

Each Asterion Ultra system includes the TECHNIBRITE™ Ultra Zn alkaline zinc process. The process delivers bright, ductile deposits with uniform and precise thickness distributions over a wide current density range. Offering exceptional chromate adhesion, TECHNIBRITE Ultra Zn is highly tolerant to zinc brightener levels and temperature conditions.

Asterion Ultra systems also feature an UltraPass™ trivalent passivate. The family of passivates are production-proven to provide the industry’s best NSS results. Cost-effective, dyeable formulations range from iridescent blue bright to lustrous, jet black. UltraSeal™ sealants ensure an added level of corrosion protection.

Suited for both rack and barrel operations without burning, Asterion Ultra systems offer ease of operation and waste treatment. For further information, please contact

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