Equipment Purchasing Shouldn’t Be So Perplexing

Are you frustrated with having to spend valuable time researching and sourcing metal finishing equipment? And, when you finally get a vendor to provide a quote, do you get an uneasy feeling of being overcharged?

Your vendor should make you feel confident about every equipment purchase you make. Instead of doing most of the talking, they should be listening to your needs while reviewing the following considerations:

  • Equipment Selection: Based on your budgetary and performance criteria, a focus on equipment options that meet your specific applications and productivity objectives should be thoroughly reviewed.
  • Construction and Design: The construction and design of the equipment often dictates the efficiency, speed and cost-effectiveness of the entire process line. An equipment vendor with the technical resources and full understanding of specialty chemical processing is invaluable.
  • Process Line Productivity Impact: Will the installation of the new equipment result in any production downtime? What training is involved? Scheduling of labor, equipment testing, sample processing and order shipments are just few areas that may require modifications to ensure a seamless transition that will prevent any customer disruptions.
  • Total Cost of Ownership: Beyond the cost of the equipment, ongoing and preventative maintenance should be considered. Spare parts costs such as anode accessories, replacement racks and filters should be factored into any purchasing decision. Savings benefits including reduced waste treatment and utilities costs should also be measured.
  • Health & Safety: Compliance with federal and local health, safety and environmental regulations is not only required, but in the best interests of all employees and customers.
  • Ease of Purchasing: Once all the factors have been addressed, mutually agreed upon payment terms and conditions, as well as any warranties should be clearly stated and understood. Leave the legalese for the lawyers!

As a high performance specialty chemicals and equipment supplier to the metal finishing industry, Asterion understands and carefully addresses the above criteria (and more!). We are committed to providing a hassle-free, best value source to meet a wide range of equipment requirements. Click here to review a comprehensive list of new equipment available.