Benchsorb 100

Benchsorb 100 is the finest carbon filtration product available for nickel plating. It is a dustless and wetable product which as packaged is ready for superior filtration. The unique technology of Benchsorb allows the carbon molecule to be suspended on a cellulose fiber. The manufacturing process allows Benchsorb to locate the carbon so that all of the carbon is used.

Conventional carbon packs force the carbon into “stacks”. Once the surface of the stack is filled with organic breakdown material, the carbon is not usable. Much of the useful surface area is lost. By positioning the carbon on the cellulose fiber, Benchsorb100 allows all of the surface area to be exposed, thus maximizing the area available for carbon filtration. Filter precoats are not necessary for use with Benchsorb 100. Because of the consistent and excellent filtration, nickel baths are cleaner and produce higher quality results. Carbon treatments are reduced so there is more productive time. Filter media lasts longer. All of these benefits combine to reduce operational costs.