Chrome Electroplating Additives

Asterion’s Chrome Electroplating Additives are available as a fluoride catalyst to activate bright nickel deposits and fume suppressants to reduce fumes from chrome electroplating baths by reducing surface tension. Both the flouride catalyst and the fume suppressant utilize state of the art technology to enhance both decorative and hard chrome electroplating.

Fume Suppressants

Asterion fume suppressants provide a stable foam blanket that reduces misting. Surface tensions below 29 dynes are easily obtained. The chrome deposit is not affected by the fume suppressant and a bright lustrous finish is the result.  Hard Chrome Platers do not report any pitting or other negative attributes from the use of Asterion’s latest fume suppressant.  Usage does increase at chrome concentrations above 40 oz/gal.  Additions of Asterion’s fume suppressant are made on the basis of surface tension testing

Fluoride Catalyst

Asterion’s fluoride catalyst is used in decorative chrome electroplating to produce a bright, trouble free, nickel activating, stain free deposit on bright nickel deposits.  Available in both powder and liquid form, Asterion fluoride catalysts provide higher cathode efficiencies and current densities.  Additions are made on the basis of chrome additions.

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