Electrocleaners Ferrous and Zinc

All Asterion cleaner technologies are available in liquid or powdered form and incorporate the latest developments in parts cleaning. Liquid products offer the safety and convenience of using a fully blended product which is capable of feeder pump addition. Powdered products utilize efficient binding systems which offer efficiency in certain circumstances. Asterion cleaners are easily controlled to offer long life, reduced operating concentrations and lower operating temperatures. These features combine to ensure economic and efficient operation.

Electrocleaners Ferrous

Asterion electrocleaners for ferrous metals are specially formulated to remove the oil, drawing and buffing compounds from steel substrates. These field tested products are specially formulated to reduce energy costs while tolerating metallic impurities. Completely free rinsing, Asterion electrocleaners provide a smut free surface to steel. Mild as well as heavy duty formulations are available. Optimum conductivity is available when extra scrubbing power is needed.  Asterion electrocleaners operate over a wide range of current densities and operating temperatures. Flexible formulations include phosphate free options.

Electrocleaners Zinc

Electrocleaners for zinc die cast operations are phosphate free alkaline formulations. These products allow the activation of zinc die castings using anodic current. Gentle cleaning is provided with a high tolerance for pre soak contamination. A wide range of applications allows these products to be used on copper and brass substrates.