Immersion Soak (Non Ferrous)

Asterion offers a full line of high performance and efficient immersion or soak cleaners for aluminum, copper brass and zinc die cast.  Designed to remove a wide range of soils from buffing compounds to mild shop soils, these work horse cleaners function on even the toughest soils without damaging the underlying substrate.

All Asterion cleaner technologies are available in liquid or powdered form and incorporate the latest developments in parts cleaning. Liquid products offer the safety and convenience of using a fully blended product which is capable of feeder pump addition.  Powdered products utilize efficient binding systems which offer efficiencies in certain circumstances.  Asterion Aluminium Soak Cleaners are easily controlled to offer long life, reduced operating concentrations and lower operating temperatures.  These features combine to ensure economic and efficient operation.

These Asterion immersion soak cleaners are also available in liquid or powder form.

Aluminum Soak Cleaners

Asterion offers Aluminum Soak Cleaners for removing buffing compounds and shop oils.  These products function at mild temperatures and are efficient even at low concentrations.  They will not cause drying stains and are manufactured using biodegradable surfactants.

Copper and Brass Cleaners

Asterion copper and brass soak cleaners are formulated to remove a multitude of soils from the toughest dried on buffing compounds to mild shop soils.  Designed to be used as a primary or secondary cleaner, these products offer high performance with low operating costs.  Asterion copper and brass cleaners conatin inhibitors for mild cleaning without etching the surface.  Non scumming, these products offer long solution life for increased efficiency.  A buffered formulation is available which does not require pH adjustment.

Zinc Soak Cleaners

Asterion offers zinc soak cleaners which will remove the toughest soils without attacking the zinc substrate.  Mild cleaning without scumming is the hallmark of these efficient high performance products.  They may be used with or without ultra sonics to improve cleaning and extend solution life.  The zinc soak cleaners will not over activate castings on longer cleaning cycles.  They will easily wet out in secondary soak or electrocleaners.