Spray Cleaners

In process spray cleaners from Asterion are available for every job. All Asterion spray cleaners are low foaming, high performance products.  They are offered in either liquid or powder form.  Low operating concentrations promote efficient and economical operation.  These spray cleaners can handle heavy duty needs as well as simple spray operations.  They are available with and without a rust preventative for in process protection.  Heavy duty spray cleaners can even perform as paint strippers.

Whatever the need, whatever the soil and whatever the operating conditions, Asterion spray cleaners are available to meet the toughest demands.

Asterion spray cleaners are available in liquid or powdered form and incorporate the latest developments in parts cleaning technology. Liquid products offer the safety and convenience of using a fully blended product which is capable of feeder pump addition.  Powdered products utilize efficient binding systems which offer efficiencies in certain circumstances.  Asterion cleaners are easily controlled to offer long life, reduced operating concentrations and lower operating temperatures.  These features combine to ensure economic and efficient operation.

Asterion alkaline spray cleaners

These products are formulated to operate at low temperatures to remove shop and process soils.  By using high technology materials these products work at lower concentrations and temperatures than traditional spray cleaners.  In addition, they are low foaming.  All of these features combine for products that are efficient, productive and easy to use.

Asterion alkaline spray cleaners with  rust preventatives.

These products are formulated to not only remove the toughest shop soils but also provide up to 8 weeks of in house rust prevention.  Incorporating the rust prevention abilities with the excellent performance of Asterion alkaline cleaners makes this product line an excellent choice for process cleaning lines!

Heavy Duty Alkaline (Ferrous)

Asterion heavy duty alkaline spray cleaners are formulated to remove the toughest shop soils, rust buildup and heavy oxide scales.  Asterion heavy duty spray cleaners also remove paint and are excellent paint strippers. These work horse products are excellent in remanufacturing operations.

Aluminum Spray Cleaners

Asterion alkaline spray cleaners for aluminum are specially formulated to remove the toughest of dried on buffing compounds or the mildest of soils without etching the aluminum substrate.  Low in alkalinity all of these Asterion aluminum soak cleaners have a high soil tolerance and operate over a wide range of temperatures.  Low concentrations provide efficiency.  No foaming to low foaming formulas function at a variety of operating pressures.