Conversions, Calculators and More



  • Beam Calculators – For various beam configurations, select a type, boundary condition, and loading.
  • Bearing Fit Tolerance Chart – Table of basic numbers, nominal bore in mm, and shaft rotating minimum and maximum diameters in inches.
  • Boiler Duty Calculations – Input process variables to calculate boiler duty.
  • Boiler Efficiency Calculations – Input process variables to calculate boiler efficiency.
  • Boiler Energy Conservation Guide and Calculator – Recommendations and calculators for optimizing industrial boiler performance for decreased energy and other operational costs.
  • Boiler Water Glossary – Terminology provided by Saftek Boiler and Machinery.
  • Boyle’s Law Calculator – Boyles Law states that the volume of a fixed mass of gas at a constant temperature is inversely proportional to the pressure of the gas.
  • Brittle Failure Calculator – For a given stress state and safety factor, this calculator applies the maximum normal stress criterion and Mohr’s theory to check if the principal stresses exceed a given tensile or compressive strength.
  • BTU Calculator – This calculator is designed to give an estimate of the heating needs of a room, combination of rooms, or an entire building.








  • Language Converter Translates from German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, German, Portuguese, and French to English.
  • Language Translator Translate English language web pages or text to Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, or Italian.
  • Leak-Testing Glossary By the American Gas & Chemical Co. Ltd.
  • Loan Calculator For a given amount, find the monthly payment, interest rate, or number of payments.
  • Low Alloy Steels Database This database allows you to check the resistance of various low alloy steels to SCC in various environments.



  • IST Thermocouple Database NIST reference functions and tables of thermocouple electromotive force (emf) versus temperature have been adopted as standards by the ASTM and the IEC.
  • Nitrogen Loss Chart Nitrogen leaks cost approximately 10 times more than compressed air leaks. A chart indicating the high cost of N2 leaks.
  • Non-Metric “Adding Machine” Adds Feet & Inches, Pounds & Ounces, Quarts & Cups, etc.
  • NPT Tap Size Chart Recommended drill sizes for National Pipe Threads.
  • Ohm’s Law Calculator Enter two variables to calculate the others.
  • On-line Corrosion Problem Solver Provides assistance in the identification of the root cause of common corrosion problems through information obtained from simple visual examination of the corroding components or equipment.
  • Optimum Dimensions of a Vessel This procedure calculates the optimum dimensions of a cylindrical pressure vessel with a known volume.
  • Organic Compounds Database Provides physical data on a large number of organic compounds, including molecular weight, melting point, boiling point, index of refraction and UV absorption peaks.
  • O-Ring Data Page Gives all of the relevant data for standard O ring sizes: OD/ID/cross-section/volume/metric for AS-568A uniform dash numbers
  • Oval Duct Differential Pressure Calculator You input the length of the major and minor axes of the duct in inches, and the flow rate through the duct in cubic feet per minute.
  • Oval Duct Flow Rate Calculator You input the length of the major and minor axes of the duct in inches, and the differential pressure across the duct in WC.
  • Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient This procedure calculates the overall heat transfer coefficient of a heat exchanger.





  • Radial O-Ring Calculator This calculator outputs the O-Ring inner diameter and the range of O-Ring cross-section diameters that will meet user prescribed limits on groove and bore diameters and O-Ring compression.
  • Radioactivity Unit Converter Convert various units of radioactive measurement.
  • RadioCalc Scientific calculator and universal converter for radio communication and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).
  • Reciprocating Compressor Sizing This procedure determines the number of compression stages, discharge temperature, head and both gas and brake horsepower required per stage for a reciprocating compressor.
  • Rectangle Duct Differential Pressure Calculator You input the length of the two sides of the duct in inches, and the flow rate through the duct in cubic feet per minute.
  • Rectangle Duct Flow Rate Calculator You input the length of the two sides of the duct in inches, and the differential pressure across the duct in WC.
  • Research-It! General information search engine interface of many useful resources.
  • Resistor Color Codes Table of colors, 1st and 2nd significant figures, multipliers, and tolerances.
  • Reynolds Number Reynolds number is used in momentum, heat, and mass transfer to account for dynamic similarity.
  • Reynolds Number Calculator This calculator computes the Reynolds Number given the flow characteristics asked for. It outputs the flow type you can expect (laminar, transitional, or turbulent) based on the Reynolds Number result.
  • Right Triangle Calculator Any right triangle can be solved for all sides and angles if you just know two sides or one angle and one side.





  • Vector Calculator This is a simple Java applet intended to give students a “feel” for vectors in two dimensions. Specifically, it covers components, magnitude and direction, and vector addition.
  • Venturi Flowmeter Calculator A fluid passing though smoothly varying constrictions experience changes in velocity and pressure. These changes can be used to measure the flow rate of the fluid.
  • Viscosity Converter Viscosity (absolute) factor converter.