Copper Electroplating Brightener Systems

Acid Copper for printing cylinders

Asterion offers acid copper formulations designed for producing excellent results on printing cylinders. These ultra high performance dye free addition agents produce stable hardness from 200 Vickers.  As with all of the Asterion acid copper brighteners, they are free of tricyclic derivatives or dyes.  Brightness and leveling are excellent across the entire range of current densities. For air agitation applications, only one component is needed to maintain the performance of the plating bath.

Cyanide Copper Electroplating Additives

Asterion offers a full line of excellent, high performance additives for use in copper cyanide electroplating processes.  These products include an excellent cyanide copper brightener to produce bright or fine grained cyanide copper.  A full line of support products enhances the performance of  the cyanide brightener, including rochelle type anode corroder and grain refiner, as well as addition agents to sequester chrome contamination.

Acid Copper Strike

Asterion offers a high performance acid copper strike for both plastic and metal substrates.  These systems provide ultra high performance results without the use of tricyclic derivatives or dyes in the formulation.  Brightness and leveling are excellent across the range of current densities.  These one component systems are field tested to produce efficient and productive results.