Corrosion Inhibitors

Asterion offers a full line of Corrosion Inhibiting Products.  Available as an oil, oil emulsion, wax, water soluble lacquer and water soluble top coats, these products offer high performance and efficiency.

Oils – Neat oils designed to displace moisture and seal products from corrosion are easy and cost effective to use.  The products allow water to be separated and drained off from the product.  Asterion’s oils are excellent for use over phosphates, black oxide, cleaned and pickled parts.  When applied these products provide long shelf life prior to assembly or use.  Asterion oils are available as residual oils or dry to touch.

Oil Emulsions – These products are used at low percentage with water to impart a cost effective corrosion barrier to prevent the formation of unwanted oxides.

Waxes – Provide hard lubricious coatings to protect many trivalent passivates and inorganic coatings.  These products may be dyed to meet color requirements.  Consumption only occurs from drag out and deposit.  These wax products are an excellent choice for parts requiring post plating bending and forming.  The economy of the process is enhanced by needing only heat to dry!

Water Soluble Lacquers – Like wax products, these materials provide a hard lubricating surface.  These materials are an excellent choice for coating internal diameters to prevent I.D. corrosion.  Their water solubility adds to their economy!

Water Soluble Top Coats – These products are available in a wide variety of formulations to meet specific needs.  The coatings are very lubricious and resist corrosion.  Many may be used as an in process protection prior to assembly and gauging without fouling or coating gauges.   Other coatings are used in post finish applications.  These coatings provide a tough finish, but are easily strippable. Simple lab analysis assists in their economical operation.