Electrolytic Bright Nickel Systems-Index

Asterion electrolytic nickel brighteners for bright nickel systems are fully blended to incorporate the index and wetter components so that bath maintenance is simple. The brightener system is formulated to be added on an amp hour basis without cumbersome and temperamental additives.  The process produces an extremely ductile deposit which exhibits excellent brightness.  In addition these electrolytic nickel brightener systems produce extremely efficient results, approaching a ration of 1:1 in deposit thickness form high to low current density.  Systems are available for rack and barrel applications.  Rod and air agitation are accommodated, as is the use of eductors.  The systems are flexible and designed to provide a wide operating window.  The systems are formulated to specifically produce excellent results on base metals of ferrous and non ferrous materials.  The systems are easily maintained in production settings using wet chemical analysis.