ISO 9001:2008

In addition to providing cost effective products, Asterion is committed to ensuring its manufacturing processes produce products which meet the highest quality standards.  The ISO quality standard is known world wide as the highest standard of quality assurance.  The ISO standards were created in 1987 to clarify a maze of conflicting international quality definitions. The standards are the same the world over and define the international model for quality assurance in product design and development, production, quality control, ordering, customer service, and delivery. ISO registered companies are examined at regular intervals to ensure the company continues to meet the expectations it has established in its quality program.

Asterion’s predecessor, Benchmark Products, was one of the first US metal finishing suppliers to obtain the ISO-9002 registration for its manufacturing process. Since that time, Benchmark maintained and strengthened its quality system advancing to ISO 9001 and then the ISO 9000:2000 quality standard.

Asterion adopted many of the Benchmark quality systems and refined those systems to specifically meet Asterion’s needs.  Shortly after its formation, the quality system at Asterion was registered to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Asterion customers can be assured the products they receive will be of the highest quality and consistency.

Quality and cost effective products are the foundation of Asterion!