Do you suffer from Platitosis?

Platitosis (Plate-e-toe-sis) n. A condition of high anxiety caused by problems in the plating department. Symptoms include:

  1. Significant anxiety caused by plating rejects;
  2. Difficulty in sleeping due to problem phone calls from third shift supervisors;
  3. Fear of dealing with customers whose requirements cannot be met;
  4. Avoidance of senior management who want answers to productivity problems;
  5. A sharp pain in the posterior resulting from its being chewed upon by others.

You are not alone… there are many sufferers of Platitosis but now there is a cure.

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Asterion is a leading manufacturer of specialty chemical finishing products for all aspects of the metal finishing industry from a wide variety of pretreatment, to powder coating to plating. From traditional chemistries to innovative pollution preventive technologies. Asterion finishes are utilized worldwide to produce products, including automobile components, consumer appliances, industrial tools, furnishings and countless other items. Established in 2010 by the merger of Benchmark Products, Inc. and New Surface Technologies, LLC, Asterion has grown by offering its customers innovative, cost effective finishes that consistently meet their unique needs.