Metal Strippers

Asterion offers a full line of metal stripping products to remove both electrolytic and electroless deposits of nickel, copper and tin. These products are available as both immersion and electrolytic processes


Nickel Strippers for Electrolytic Nickel are a cost effective means of stripping.  These products are available to remove nickel from a wide variety of base metals from zinc die cast to ferrous based substrates.  Our unique formulation allows high levels of nickel metal to accumulate without affecting the ability of the product to continue to strip nickel deposits.

Nickel Strippers for Electroless Nickel deposits are available for high, mid and low phosphorous processes.  These products are economical and offer a fast stripping rate. The processes are formulated to hold a high amount of nickel and yet continue to strip at high rates.

Tin Solder Strip is an easy to use two part process.  Extremely high tin removal rates are provided without attacking the base metal.  The process is extremely economical to use and allows parts to be replated quickly.

Copper Strippers are effective in stripping heavy copper deposits.  This cost effective process handles difficult thicknesses and yet is very economical to use.  In addition, a process is available which will strip both copper and nickel from steel!


Electrolytic Nickel Stripper is very cost effective and provides a quick removal of the nickel deposit.  In addition, the process is formulated to resist attacking the base metal.

Rack Strippers remove copper, nickel and chrome deposits from stainless steel and titanium rack tips.  Product quality is improved by keeping racks and tips clean for better contact.  As a result time, energy and money are saved!  Plating racks are maintained in optimal condition for peak performance.