Nickel Electroplating Brightener Systems

Asterion’s line of high performance, cost effective electrolytic nickel systems includes high leveling, bright nickel based upon index and pyridine chemistries. Asterion’s expertise in both allows it to offer the high performance of pyridine which offers extremely bright high current density performance, as well as the index systems which perform well across a wide range of current density.  Asterion even offers “hybrid” or low index systems which provide the best of both systems.

Asterion includes its environmentally friendly non chlorahydrate, non coumarin and non formaldehyde semi bright processes in its arsenal.  These systems can even be fine tuned to offer a bright non saccharin deposit.  The Asterion electrolytic nickel systems offer superior performance in both rack and barrel plating operations.

Electrolytic Bright Nickel Systems-Index

Asterion electrolytic nickel brighteners for bright nickel systems are fully blended to incorporate the index and wetter components so that bath maintenance is simple.  The brightener system is formulated to be added on an amp hour basis without cumbersome and temperamental additives.  The process produces an extremely ductile deposit which exhibits excellent brightness.  In addition these electrolytic nickel brightener systems produce extremely efficient results, approaching a ration of 1:1 in deposit thickness form high to low current density.  Systems are available for rack and barrel applications.  Rod and air agitation are accommodated, as is the use of eductors.  The systems are flexible and designed to provide a wide operating window.  The systems are formulated to specifically produce excellent results on base metals of ferrous and non ferrous materials.  The systems are easily maintained in production settings using wet chemical analysis.

Particle or high solids nickel brightener

Asterion’s particle or high solids nickel provides increased corrosion protection when used over duplex or tri nickel systems. Sometimes known as micro porous nickel, the system develops over 10,000 active corrosion sites per square inch after CASS testing, the system will meet or exceed automotive specifications.

Support Additives

While Asterion provides a fully blended nickel brightener system, there are times when special support additives are needed.  Asterion offers a full line of nickel wetters, leveling agents, grain refiners, ductilizing agents, low current density boosters and iron controllers.  All are formulated for compatibility with the Asterion line of high performance nickel plating additives.  These support additives are to be used occasionally so that the fully blended products may be added on an amp hour basis to maintain the concentration of additives needed to produce reliable and consistent results

Semi Bright Nickel Brightener

Asterion’s semi bright nickel systems have been recognized for their industry leadership since introduced in 1994.  At that time, the systems were honored to receive the State of Indiana’s first environmental excellence award for their elimination of coumarin, chloralhydrate and formaldehyde.  Today, these Asterion products continue the foundation of excellence.  Asterion’s semi bright products produce a deposit that is sulfur free and high leveling.  The formulations include an option to provide a full bright non sulfur deposit that in addition to high leveling is exceedingly bright on a polished steel surface.

All of the Asterion semi bright nickel systems are formulated to be used as one component on an amp hour basis.  There is no need to maintain an extensive inventory of chemical tools.

Pyridine Nickel Systems

Asterion has formulated pyridine bright nickel systems to provide fast deposit times yielding a bright, high leveling deposit.  Whether for rack or barrel operations, these systems deliver reliable high performance results that are field tested.  Because of the short plating time, pyridine systems deliver the best results when plating at higher current densities.  Economical, high performance systems which function in a wide variety of applications are the hallmark of the Asterion pyridine brightener systems

Hybrid, low index nickel brightener systems

Asterion technology has merged the best of the high leveling, efficient, bright deposits produced by index bright nickel systems with the high speed and performance of pyridine systems in a unique nickel brightener system which utilizes both pyridine and index.  This system produces excellent results by incorporating the best features of both systems!