Asterion offers iron, manganese and zinc phosphates for every application whether it is a spray wand, a three stage or five stage washer system. Products perform essential functions prior to paint, powder coating or adhesive bonding. Variable coating weights are produced for specific applications.

Immersion or Spray Iron Phosphate

Whether the end use is paint, powder coating or adhesive application, Asterion iron phosphates provide an amorphous, non metallic iron phosphate coating.  The coating contains no molybdenum and may be applied in spray wand, single or multiple stages.  Multi base metals may be processed by a single product. The products are easily treated in waste treatment applications.

In addition, a concentrated detergent additive is available to improve the cleaning ability and life of iron phosphate alkaline cleaners.  This additive reduces cleaning time and temperature.  It is free rinsing and controls foam.  Scale build up is also reduced.
A non chrome seal specifically formulated for iron phosphate spray systems completes the Asterion offering.  This seal provides excellent paint adhesion and additional corrosion protection without the need for chrome.

Heavy Manganese Phosphate

Asterion offers a dense, fine grained heavy Manganese Phosphate coating to provide a superior deposit for break-in barrier coating for mating parts in final assemblies.  The Asterion process provides excellent corrosion resistance for long term storage of both oiled and non oiled parts.  The highly developed product produces excellent uniform coverage over difficult to process heat treated and welded parts.

Zinc Phosphate

Asterion offers a highly functional zinc phosphate system with built in accelerators and stabilizers which deposit a very fine grained zinc phosphate coating on ferrous surfaces.  The coating inhibits corrosion and increases the adhesion and durability of subsequent finishes.

Heavy Zinc Phosphate
Heavy coating weights may be produced which comply with DOD-P-16232.  The macrocrystalline structure provides superior protection with or without oil preservative coatings.  This process produces an excellent base for PVC coating of phosphated components.  The tight macrocrystal structure provides a superior break-in barrier for mating parts in assembled components. The macro crystalline structure provides superior oil preservative retention over the entire part.

Micro Crystalline Zinc Phosphate
This Asterion process is available to produce a variety of coating weights suitable for paint adhesion (TTC-490), e-coat, paint or rubber bonding.  Accelerated, or calcium modified coatings provide a tight microcrystalline structure.  The process is available in either spray or immersion applications.   A dense microcrystal deposit provides the needed corrosion protection for extended transfer time prior to final paint or rubber/adhesive bond coat.

Phosphate Seals

Asterion offers both a chromic acid and non chromic acid seal for phosphate conversion coatings.

  • The chromic-phosphoric acid seal is formulated to be applied in the final rinse stage of a phosphate conversion coating.  It is recommended for use in zinc, magnesium and iron phosphate processes to provide corrosion resistance as well as adhesion between the metal substrate and the subsequent finish.
  • The non chrome seal is formulated for iron phosphate spray systems.  It provides excellent paint adhesion and additional corrosion protection without the need for chrome.