Interpreting Hull Cell Panels

This is one in a series of four videos on Hull Cell Testing. To view the complete series, click here.

Partial Video Transcript

The first video demonstrated how to run a Hull cell. This second video will review the interpretation of results for a variety of plating baths. Areas covered include:

What is a Hull Cell? 

Completed Hull Cell Panel provides data on three parameters:

  • The Effect of Addition Agents
  • The Effect of Impurities Present in the Bath
  • The Effects of Purification on the Bath

Equipment Requirements

  • Completed Hull Cell Panel
  • Hull Cell Ruler
  • Hull Cell Reference Panel

Hull Cell Evaluation Using an Asterion Hull Cell Ruler

  • Procedure
  • Reference over a range of current densities

This video is intended to provide guidance and is for illustrative purposes only. It is not intended as a comprehensive discussion of Hull cell testing or interpretation of Hull cell plating or interpretation. Nor is this presentation intended to substitute for the recommendations of a trained metal finishing professional.

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