The Challenge–restore the plating edge!

The Challenge:

A northern Illinois wire goods manufacturer had multiple issues from cleaning, dull nickel plate, poor trivalent chrome coverage or dark deposits. All issues lead to excessive rework, scrap, & lost opportunity.

The Solution:

Asterion created a systematic approach by first addressing cleaner issues. By installing additive package processes for the soak (F-703 LA) & electroclean (F-777 LA) a significant savings was realized in the cleaning process as well as extended life. Next the leveling index bright Ni process (Benchbrite NI-545 S) improved line speeds and reduced rework due to poor plate quality. Finally the trivalent chrome process (Technibrite T-Chrome) completed the conversion. Here coverage, quality & color improved. Now jobs that had been ear marked to run twice were first run jobs with no quality issues.

Asterion was the right choice for this customer and may be the right choice for you.