Zinc Brightener Systems

Zinc Electroplating Brightener Systems

Asterion offers a full line of zinc electroplating additives–from alkaline non cyanide and cyanide to acid zinc and mixed acid zinc baths to zinc alloys, Asterion has a zinc brightener system to meet every need.  All are formulated with efficiency and economy in mind.  In addition, Asterion provides a full “tool kit” of specialty products to maintain the zinc electroplating system.

Alkaline Non Cyanide Systems

Asterion offers state of the art, alkaline non cyanide zinc brighteners which utilize the latest technology to provide excellent results with economical performance.

Low Metal Systems produce a bright deposit that closely matches the acid zinc deposits.  A state of the art polymer is the heart of this robust system which is designed to be used on an amp hour basis.  It is robust and provides excellent and economical results.  The low metal system does not contain any chelators.

High Metal Systems produce a bright deposit that closely matches the deposit produced by cyanide zinc systems.  The high metal system also utilizes a state of the art polymer designed to be added on an amp hour basis.  The system does not utilize any chelators and like the low metal system, produces excellent and economical results.

Both the low and high metal systems use a brightener and conditioner.  Troubleshooting tools including an lcd booster, purifier and wetter are also available.

Cyanide Zinc Brightener Systems

Efficient, traditional cyanide zinc brightener system

Asterion offers a traditional, efficient and economical cyanide zinc brightener system. The process exhibits good temperature stability and offers an extremely wide plating window. The brightener works equally well in mid to low cyanide baths.

The deposit readily accepts conventional chromate post treatments. A polysulfide additive is also available to control heavy metal contamination and maintain a slight excess to promote the deposition of zinc metal.

Acid Zinc Plating Systems

Asterion offers both ammonium chloride and ammonium/potassium chloride mixed zinc electroplating systems.

Ammonium Chloride Zinc Electroplating Systems.  The Asterion ammonium chloride plating system produces a mirror bright deposit with excellent adhesion and ductility.  Economical and efficient, the ammonium chloride bath produces a deposit with superior chromate receptivity.   The brightener is added on the basis of amp hours plated, while the wetter is added on the basis of additions of chloride salts.

Mixed Ammonium/Potassium Chloride Zinc Electroplating Systems.  The Asterion mixed chloride plating system is suitable for either rack or barrel zinc electroplating.  The process produces a mirror bright deposit over a wide range of current density.  The deposit has superior chromate receptivity.  Ductility and adhesion of the resulting deposit are excellent.

Both of these chloride systems utilize brighteners which are replenished on an amp hour basis while the wetter is added with additions of chloride salts.

Zinc Cobalt Chloride Systems

Zinc Cobalt offers superior corrosion protection

The Asterion Zinc Cobalt Chloride system utilizes potassium chloride as the electrolyte.  It produces a zinc cobalt alloy deposit with superior brightness, leveling and chromate receptivity.

Superior corrosion protection results from a system which produces a uniform zinc cobalt deposit which is evenly distributed throughout the range of current densities.  The process incorporates three products to produce the excellent high tech results: a brightener, wetter and cobalt additive.

Zinc Alloy Electroplating Brightener Systems 

Asterion offers a full line of high technology, high performance zinc alloy plating systems, including both Acid and Alkaline Zinc/Nickel, Alkaline Zinc/Iron, Alkaline Zinc/Cobalt and Tungsten/Nickel/Boron.

Alkaline Zinc Cobalt Electroplating Systems

Easy to use and economical this alkaline zinc cobalt electroplating system operates very similarly to an alkaline zinc system.  The deposit accepts clear and black trivalent passivates as well as non chrome passivation systems


Acid Zinc / Nickel

This high performance, state of the art Acid Zinc/Nickel electroplating system provides excellent efficiencies and nickel distribution.  It is an ammoniated and all potassium based system.  Nickel alloy can be controlled from 8% to 15% nickel in the alloy deposit.  The deposit is very receptive to chromate and passivate deposits.  The system is available for rack or barrel operations.


Alkaline Zinc Nickel Electroplating System

This extremely high efficiency (50% to 60%) alkaline zinc/nickel electroplating bath is economical to operate and provides very uniform distribution.  The nickel alloy is easily controlled in the range of 12% to 15% in the deposit.  The deposit is very receptive to chromates and passivates from black to yellow to blue bright clear.  Fewer additives make this bath both easy and economical to operate.


Alkaline Zinc Iron Electroplating System

Asterion offers an economical, highly efficient alkaline zinc/iron electroplating system.  The deposit is very uniform and the iron in the alloy easy to control.  The deposit is highly corrosion resistant.  An excellent black finish is produced when Asterion’s trivalent black pasivate or non chrome black passivate is applied to the alkaline zinc iron deposit.