Cleaning Cycle Optimization

Should we be content with letting cleaning baths get contaminated with oils and soils? We can just dump and make up a fresh bath, right? You could go that route, but beware; without proper cleaning blisters, poor adhesion, pitting, peeling, and flaking may start to rear their ugly heads before a fresh bath can be made. There is a better answer.

What would happen if agitation and filtration systems were added to a cleaner? The filters remove bulk soils and particulates as they are being introduced to the bath. An agitation system mechanically sweeps particulate matter away from the substrate. Thus, fresh chemistry is continuously replacing the soapy byproducts that form on the surface of the part. This substantially decreases the time necessary to effectively clean parts.

Extend Bath Life. Decrease Cycle Time. Filters have the potential to extend bath life by one and a half to two times, while following the chemical supplier’s recommended time, temperature, and chemistry concentration. The agitation system has the potential to decrease clean cycle time by 20% – 50%, depending on soil type.   Take the time to test filtration and agitation systems, and you may be surprised by what you find.

There should be no argument on how indispensable cleaning is to the plating process. As always, please contact your local Asterion technical representation to provide answers on your most challenging cleaning requirements.