Cleaning Cycle Optimization

Should we be content with letting cleaning baths get contaminated with oils and soils? We can just dump and make up a fresh bath, right? You could go that route, but beware; without proper cleaning blisters, poor adhesion, pitting, peeling, and flaking may start to rear their ugly heads before a fresh bath can be made. There is a better answer. What would happen if agitation and filtration systems were added to a cleaner? The filters remove bulk soils and particulates as they are being introduced to the bath. An agitation system mechanically sweeps particulate matter away from the … [Read more...]

I Want a “Cheap” Cleaner

I hear a lot of prospects and customers looking for a "cheap" cleaner. To most people, "cheap" means a low price per unit. Consider these questions and statements when asking for or using a "cheap" cleaner: How effective is it? Perhaps a higher priced cleaner could clean at lower temperatures, shorter times, provide a better surface for coating adhesion, appearance, and corrosion protection. How much are you using? Perhaps a higher priced cleaner would reduce overall maintenance additions and rebuilding costs or perform at a lower, safer concentration. How much sludge is … [Read more...]

Simple Comparison for Cleaners

We all want the best least expensive cleaner to do our cleaning job. The question is, what cleaner works and meets all my needs on my nickel plating line? When comparing cleaners, how do you make sure that you are doing a complete and thorough comparison? Several things must be evaluated to determine a complete picture. First, you must understand and know what you are cleaning: The base metal, soils to be removed, time allowed, temperature allowed, rack or barrel, concentration, waste treatment requirements, makeup and dump schedule, makeup investment, and use investment. Following the basics … [Read more...]