Innovative Technology: TECHNICOAT 360 Ultra

TECHNICOAT 360 Ultra provides an optimum synergistic interaction with subsequent Asterion topcoats. The use of Asterion inorganic mineral, organic and hybrid topcoats all enhance the corrosion resistance of the zinc plated substrate. TECHNICOAT 360 Ultra also forms an outstanding base onto which torque and tension sealers may be applied. Read More … [Read more...]

Prosclean Phos Strip L

PHOS STRIP L is an alkaline liquid product used to remove heavy zinc phosphate coatings from ferrous substrates. PHOS STRIP L contains a surfactant package that will generate a foam blanket during the stripping process to keep fumes and mist escaping from the process tank to a minimum. Due to the high alkalinity content of PHOS STRIP L, it can also be used for alkaline pickling of steel to remove rust and scale avoiding the use of corrosive liquid acids. … [Read more...]

Technibrite SN 200

TECHNIBRITE SN 200 is an easy to use bright acid tin process that produces exceptional brightness and leveling from a standard sulfate acid tin electrolyte while maintaining exceptional solderability. After the initial make up of the plating solution using TECHNIBRITE SN 200 MU and SN 200 MT, the deposit quality is maintained with TECHNIBRITE SN 200 MT additive. This maintenance additive can be constantly metered into the plating solution using an ampere hour brightener feeder. The TECHNIBRITE SN 200 process is unique in that the brightener system is stable upon standing. Due to the stability … [Read more...]

Techniclean N-326 L

TECHNICLEAN N-326 L is a medium alkaline liquid cleaner that can be used as a soak and/or electro cleaner for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This product is ideal for job shop applications where different metal substrates are processed though one plating line. The specially formulated surfactant package of TECHNICLEAN N-326 L provides good cleaning and free rinsing eliminating staining of the substrate. TECHNICLEAN N-326 L is an excellent cathodic activator of nickel deposits prior to chrome plating. … [Read more...]

Benchbrite NCN-370

BENCHBRITE NCN-370 process is a specially designed alkaline pyrophosphate plating bath for use over properly zincated aluminum. The BENCHBRITE NCN-370 process is an excellent alternative to cyanide copper providing a bright and level deposit. Due to the fine grain structure and low porosity, deposits from the BENCHBRITE NCN-370 process provides a good barrier level on aluminum prior to tin plating. Because this process is modified to plate directly on zincated aluminum, it should not be used to plate directly on steel or zinc die castings. … [Read more...]

Benchbrite NI-545 TM

BENCHBRITE NI-545 TM is an index based single additive process for bright nickel plating of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This nickel process will produce uniform bright deposits with exceptional leveling, ductility, and receptivity to hexavalent chromium plating in low current density areas. BENCHBRITE NI-545 TM, being a single additive process, is normally maintained with one addition agent and operates effectively over a wide solution composition range. This nickel process is ideal where high volume production is required yet have the luxury of a simple operation and control of the … [Read more...]

F-777 LA

F-777 LA is a unique liquid alkaline detergent concentrate used with caustic soda for electro cleaning steel in rack or barrel processes. F-777 LA is a non-phosphated product designed in conjunction with caustic soda to remove smut, light oils, and buffing compound residue from steel. This product is a formulated with a built-in chrome reducer. F-777 LA allows the user to maintain or adjust the detergency of a cleaning solution without the costly additions of non-necessary alkali builders. Also, when more scrubbing action is required, the alkalinity can be increased without having the increase … [Read more...]

Techniclean F-903

TECHNICLEAN F-903 is a general purpose alkaline liquid cleaning compound used for soak and/or electro cleaning of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The TECHNICLEAN F-903 is buffered and formulated to inhibit attack on non-ferrous base metals. It is also free-rinsing and works well even in hard water. It is low foaming and may be used electrolytically for both cathodic and anodic cleaning cycles. TECHNICLEAN F-903 removes oil and grease from the work surface by displacing it, rather than emulsifying it. With proper solution skimming to remove the oil, TECHNICLEAN F-903 will result in extremely … [Read more...]