Dealing with Paraffinic Oil

Metal cleaning and fabricating experts often run into paraffinic material in oils and soil that find their way into our plating line. Often soak and electro cleaners cannot simply remove this type of soil. So it is easy to wonder why parts manufacturers would use this stuff, since it seems like such a problematic material from our point of view. Paraffinic oil can greatly reduce the friction and heat that comes with the forming and drawing of steel. This lowers the amount of wear and tear on the machines and die blocks, keeping the part manufacturer happy. Many types of mineral oils contain … [Read more...]

Auxiliary and Ancillary Products

As our team of trained technicians and sales representative talks with metal finishing shops we notice many needs for chemicals which are not “plating” chemistries. These may include  uses for general purpose floor cleaners, rust inhibitors or anti-splatter for welding.  Clients are often surprised to learn we offer many good and effective chemicals for these applications. But these products don’t just appear in your shop without planning. How do you find the right product for your business? Well you could just type it into the computer and hope a search engine takes you to the correct … [Read more...]