Asterion “Safety First” Training

As part of the company’s core values to provide safety tools and training to employees, Asterion is committed to conducting American Heart Association (AHA) safety training on a regular basis. The OSHA-compliant training provides critical skills required to respond to and manage an emergency until emergency medical services arrives. Skills covered include first aid, choking relief, and what to do for sudden cardiac arrest. Upon successful completion of the comprehensive course, all participants are certified for two years. As part of the training and our emergency action plan, … [Read more...]

Roundup: Keeping Your Process Clean and Safe

We're 100% devoted to making sure we bring to your manufacturing process only the safest and most tested solutions. To ensure you're working in the cleanest and safest environments, we've developed a wide variety of blogs- written by our industry experts- for use in the every day administration of your plant. Let's look at a few of the most useful resources we've created so you'll have a quick, one-stop catalog of topics to pick from: How to Keep Your Shop Clean One of our more recent posts, this blog walks you through the common mishaps and dangers a dirt plant can present. It includes … [Read more...]