Chromate Conversion Coatings

Zinc is typically used for the electrodeposited coating for iron and steel when prevention of atmospheric corrosion is the primary objective.   However without a subsequent treatment, typically chromate, electrodeposited zinc becomes dull and grey and will quickly develop white corrosion products after exposure to air.  Chromate conversion coatings impart both an aesthetically pleasing finish as well as varying degrees of corrosion protection. The use of Chrome VI in the conversion coatings as the passivation agent for zinc deposits are endowed with numerous advantages.  These include: High … [Read more...]

Trivalent Chromates 101

To coat metal parts, chromates are used to enhance the life of the part. Typically, chromates are used on zinc plated parts whether it be alkaline non-cyanide or chloride applications. These trivalent chromate conversion coatings offer prolonged corrosion protection to finished parts. In the past, hexavalent chromates were predominantly used throughout the metal finishing industry. Today, to meet RoHS compliances and environmental safety standards, the metal finishing industry has moved in the direction of trivalent chromates. Trivalent conversion coatings have shown to produce a scratch … [Read more...]