How to Keep Your Shop Clean

Cleaning the floors and tables in your shops is a chore you should not continue putting off and putting off until it feels like the space will never be clean again. The fact that you are able to produce good parts in a messy work space doesn’t justify anything.

Dirty shops will cost you in several ways:

  • The mess can cause accidents causing employees to miss work.
  • The dirt can contaminate parts prior to and following plating which affects the baths and ultimately the final product.
  • Create negative opinions of your business as potential clients evaluate you and your ability to take care of their projects based on your dirty work areas.

So what can you do to prevent these issues?

Start by identifying the types and sources of dirt in your shop. Are the parts coming in oily from tooling? Are some of you machines dripping grease and oil onto the floor? Is it just dirt and grime brought in by day-to-day activities? Once you have a rough idea of what dirt you need cleaned, your Asterion representative will be able to help you find the cleaner you need.

Here are some of the more common cleaners used in shops:


  • Heavy duty floor cleaner (strength can be cut with dilution)
  • Can be used by hand, in a mop bucket or in an automatic floor scrubber
  • Excellent at removing oils and grease
  • No rinse needed


  • Heavy duty multipurpose cleaner (strength can be cut with dilution)
  • Removes oil, wax and grease
  • Can be used to remove oxidation
  • Able to be diluted to increase product life


  • Heavy duty window cleaner
  • No streak
  • Will not etch glass
  • No rinse and no residue
  • Can remove oil and grim

These cleaners target oil, which is the most common source of dirt in an industrial setting. However, these are just a few examples of cleaners available from Asterion. For more information about the other cleaners we offer, contact us today