Increase Productivity to Maximize Profitability

It is easy to become complacent as we run our businesses. As many say, “We get stuck inside our comfort zone." To stay competitive, metal finishing operations must continually search for ways to improve their productivity to maximize profits. Acid Zinc Chloride Plating Solutions Many finishing companies operate acid zinc chloride (often called chloride zinc) plating solutions due to the faster plating speed achieved and the ability to plate directly on hardened steel. Yes, alkaline zinc offers you distinct advantages like excellent plate distribution as seen in the old, high cyanide bearing … [Read more...]

Routine Maintenance in the Finishing Shop

Years ago on there was a television ad for a car repair shop that encouraged people to change their oil and brakes as well as maintain their fluids in the car. The tagline was simple: “Pay me now or pay me later.” Unfortunately in a metal finishing shop the same statement is true. Equipment maintenance in a metal finishing shop is often considered nothing more than an inconvenient hassle at the bottom of every plant manager’s "To-Do" list. However, with a little bit of proper care and some attention to planning, equipment can operate for longer periods of time without failure and dreaded … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your Shop Clean

Cleaning the floors and tables in your shops is a chore you should not continue putting off and putting off until it feels like the space will never be clean again. The fact that you are able to produce good parts in a messy work space doesn't justify anything. Dirty shops will cost you in several ways: The mess can cause accidents causing employees to miss work. The dirt can contaminate parts prior to and following plating which affects the baths and ultimately the final product. Create negative opinions of your business as potential clients evaluate you and your ability to take … [Read more...]